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Current Situation:

  • Corona Virus spreads everywhere around the world
  • Government, people and also companies are acting to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Demand of disinfection and protection equipment increases significantly

SN’s Contribution to Support and Help in this Crisis:

  • Machines for inserting various swabsticks incl. disinfectant / liquid in 4 side sealed pouches (or other pouch styles)
  • Machines for further disinfection equipment
SN Machines are flexible and also usable for other applications if required later on.

Example Swabsticks:

  • Machine will fill the pouch with disinfectant / liquid
  • Machine will insert the required amount of swabsticks (1 or 3 pcs. / pouch are often used) into the pouch after liquid filling
  • Speed: Up to 180 ppm (Triplex)
    • Simplex: Approx. 50 – 60 ppm
    • Duplex: Approx. 100 – 120 ppm
    • Triplex: Approx. 150 – 180 ppm
  • Quick delivery possible, within 5 months
    • Manual swabstick feeding possible for realizing an earlier start of production (automatically swabstick feeding could be delivered / integrated later)
  • Budgets for inserting of 1 swabstick:
    • Simplex: Up to 600.000 € (depending on execution)
    • Duplex: Approx. 600.000 – 700.000 € (depending on execution)
    • Triplex: Approx. 800.000 – 900.000 € (depending on execution)
  • Machine is able to handle almost every kind of swabsticks or similar products
    • Machine is also able to handle different kind of swabsticks on one machine

Packaging of Swabsitcks:

Examples of Pouch Sizes for Swabsticks:

  • 3 swabsticks in one pouch: 80 x 150 mm (example)
  • 1 swabstick in one pouch: 42 x 140 mm (example)

Benefits of Swabsticks in Pouches:

  • Clean and safe packaging
  • No contamination
  • Can be used for testing of potentially virus infected people (like Coronavirus)
  • Can be used everywhere for disinfection
    • Hospitals
    • Medical offices
    • Other health care settings
    • Laboratory
    • Etc.

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