TMI: Serves the Food and Animal Industry

TMI specialises in the manufacture of equipment for industrial packaging.

Formats from 5 to 50kg and big bags (Heavy Duty Bags), for any type of solid bulk product, in any type of bag.


Semi-automatic open mouth bags and valve Baggers with manual bag placement.


Automatic baggers for open mouth and valve bags. Total automation of the bagging process. Completely integrated bags closing and labeling systems.


Manual and automatic big bag filling systems. From the most simple and minimum investment version to hygienic and ergonomic solutions. TMI’s filling systems meet the customers needs for optimisation of the bagging process and dust free working conditions when required.


Automatic FFS (Form-Fill-Seal) bagging systems from a thermo-sealable roll. Maximum reliability throughout all the process. Absolute control over the bag during its forming, filling and closing. FFS solution fits customers looking for savings in packaging costs.
Outputs up to 1.000 bags/hour depending on product’ characteristics, formats to handle and cadence or quantity of operators.

TMI service the following industries: