Posimat: Serves the Beverage, Personal and Home Care Industry

Posimat has a wide range of models covering all the needs from small bottling companies to big corporations, with machines capable of all outputs from 50 bottles per minute to 1,000 bottles per minute. They are used for handling all types of empty plastic bottles such a: soft drinks, spirit miniatures, personal care, home care, motor oils and pharmaceutical.

Bottles can be round, large, square, rectangular, oval, small, etc. They can be placed onto a conveyor belt, fed into pucks or conveyed by neck through Posijet air conveyor.

MASTER Series is designed for bottlers that work at medium or low speeds and require reliable operation and easy handling.

MICRO is an ultra compact model designed for very small bottles.

POSIMAT-BOT is an unscrambler with a vacuum system that turns bottles or any other objects, up to 360 degrees to place them on the output conveyor.

MASTER Unscrambler MICRO Unscrambler ACCESSN – 20 Unscrambler ACCESS PUCKS-15 Unscrambler MONOCHUTE-FLEX-40 With BT Uinmonobloc POSIFLEX is a flexible and versatile changeover system for an infinite range of bottles. A wide range of bottles can be handled in one single machine.

ACCESS Unscrambler range is from manual changeover to fully-automatic changeover versions. It has an enclosure which enables full access to the interior of the unit, for ease of inspection, maintenance and cleaning tasks.

POSIPHARMA is an unscrambler model for all kinds of plastic jars.

MONO & MULTICHUTE are specially designed for high speed lines.

Posimat service the following industries: