PE Labellers

PE Labellers: Serves the Food, Personal Home Care, Beverage, Chemical Industry

P.E. LABELLERS is the only Italian-based company today that covers the complete production chain of its labelling machines, from the raw material to the finished product:

  • Research and development
  • Lathe to produce pieces with quality control
  • Heavy-duty metalworking for steel processing
  • Production of various types of equipment
  • Specialisation in different labelling types after-sales service

P.E. LABELLERS offers automatic rotary and linear labellers suitable for any kind of application at any production speed (from 60 to 1.300 bpm) using all labelling systems available on the market:

  • Cold glue labelling machines
  • Self-adhesive labelling machines
  • Hot melt labelling machines for precut label application
  • Hot melt labelling machines for label application from reel (roll-fed)
  • Roll-fed labelling machines for pre-glued linerless label application


100% modular labelling machines using different labelling systems
Sleeve labelling applicators

Among the avant-garde technologies used on P.E. LABELLERS equipment we can find:

  • 100% Modularity! Labelling machines with universal machine central body able to handle all the currently available labelling systems, allowing its users to decide which labelling station to install, when to install it and whether to install labelling units as fixed (peninsular) or modular (cart) fittings

PE Labellers service the following industries: