Omag: Serves the Food Industry

Since 1973 Omag designs and develops vertical and horizontal packaging machines and complete lines; with more than 40 years of experience in the packaging industry has acquired a unique know-how.

Continuous innovation and technical research allows Omag to guarantee strength, reliability and durability of its machines, all built with a pleasant design and according to GMP and FDA standards and made to ease cleaning procedures and replacement of any component.

Every machine is customisable, can easily pack a wide range of products in different pouches dimensions and sizes and can be designed on one or more packaging lanes according to customer’s indications about speed and production.

Our solutions for sachet size:

  • C3, vertical continuous motion packaging machine for 4-side sealed sachets;
  • CP, vertical intermittent motion packaging machine with sealing plates for 4-side sealed sachets;
  • CO, horizontal packaging machine that allows to produce Doy-pack, 3 and 4-side sealed pouches;

Omag service the following industries: