Grunwald: Serves the Food Industry

As a specialist and leading supplier of format flexible cup filling and bucket filling machines GRUNWALD develops technical innovations in order to reduce costs and product changeover times. When developing and manufacturing machines we focus on flexibility, cost optimisation and practical relevance.

The machines are equipped with the latest technical features as follows:

  • multi flavour premium filling
  • extremely flexible and cost-efficient filling of up to 6 different types of fruit with constantly changing composition, packed in mixed cartons
  • highly precise and format flexible filling
  • product changeover at the push of a button
  • extremely flexible and at the same time cost-efficient filling
  • product changeover times reduced by up to 70 % compared to existing techniques
  • easy operation for technically sophisticated
Cup filling machines

CG, carousel packaging machine starting from pre-formed sachets.

Sachets can be used for packing a wide range of products: coffee, cappuccino, yeast, mayonnaise, ketchup, as well as pharmaceutical powders, tablets and capsules, shampoo and creams.

Alternatively, for stick-pack size:

  • CS, vertical intermittent motion packaging machine;
  • CS-Junior, a compact and flexible version of CS machine;
  • DIVA, vertical intermittent motion machine designed for sugar packaging.

Stick-pack is made by a heat-sealed film on 3 sides and allow considerable savings in term of packaging film (about 15-20%). Is ideal for packaging a variety of different products: sugar, coffee, cappuccino, 3in1, gels, liquids, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, creams, pastes, powder and granules. GRUNWALD filling techniques allow for a quick and flexible response to the manifold requirements of the markets at any time. Whether rotary machines type GRUNWALD-HITTPAC or GRUNWALD-ROTARY, whether linear machines type GRUNWALD-FOODLINER or GRUNWALD-FLEXLINER: GRUNWALD cup fillers are versatile and individual. Each cup filler is adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers and to the quickly changing market requirements for products and packing materials.

Grunwald service the following industries: