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New Unscrambler Posimat : POSIROBOT

We have just launched in the market our new range of unscrambler: robotics unscramblers POSIROBOT

How does the POSIROBOT differ from other robotic systems on the market?

• It offers one of the highest yields in the positioning of containers, reaching production speeds of up to 115 un/min with a single robot unit.
• Line bottle transition system using technology of optimal cost and maximum efficiency, based on technology designed, manufactured, and tested by POSIMAT over its extensive years of experience. The use of equipment manufactured by third parties (such as magnetic transport) is limited to guarantee the quality and speed of POSIMAT’s standard technical service.
• Without mechanical parts to pre-position the bottles that could damage them (such as brushes, vibrators, etc.).
• For filling lines with and without puck .
• Simple to operate. Low maintenance.

All of the above allows for a more technically and economically competitive robot than other manufacturers.

This robotic unscrambler, POSIROBOT, offers great advantages in the automatic positioning sector, which is increasingly critical given the complex designs of some bottles and their delicate handling. Its main features are:

• INSTANT AND TOOL-FREE FORMAT CHANGES: The format can be changed quickly and instantly, without tools, using a touch screen.

 MULTIFORMAT: It allows you to work from small to large formats of 5000 ml, with different geometric shapes and materials, and without the need to make mechanical adjustments to the equipment.

• HIGH SPEED: It allows you to work at speeds of up to 300 un/min, guaranteeing the stability of the containers delivered to the line at all times.

 COMPLEX LINES: Fast and safe handling asymmetrical containers that require orientation, for subsequent filling or labelling. Possibility of multiple modular configurations for positioning on lines of all types of pucks or godets, and even the possibility of working with or without pucks with the same machine.

• FOOTPRINT: Being aware of the costs posed by space in our clients’ factories, the solution offered by POSIMAT with the POSIROBOT is one of the smallest on the market. Being compact and with small dimensions designed to facilitate transport also allows the client to move it to other lines or factories easily.

• ALMOST ZERO MAINTENANCE: Due to the simplicity of the system and as it does not use complex mechatronic systems, POSIROBOT requires virtually no maintenance or qualified personnel.

• DELICATE TREATMENT OF CONTAINERS: POSIMAT’s extensive experience positioning delicate bottles (cosmetics, PET, screen printed, etc.) has been channelled into POSIROBOT. Any mechanical part that can mark or damage the surfaces of the containers is avoided. Our equipment does not use brushes, vibrators or channels to pre-position the bottles before detection.

 NEW FORMATS: As it does not require tools or complex programming, the costs and deadlines for the introduction of new formats are reduced.

• INDUSTRY 4.0: Consult POSIMAT for 4.0 implementations. We adapt to the particular needs of each client: communication with a centralized list management system, delivery of alarms and other information, traceability, diagnosis, predictive maintenance, etc.

New Unscrambler Posimat : POSIROBOT

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