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Meat Flow Wrapping and Weighing

PFM has a wide range of dedicated weighing and wrapping lines for the meat packaging sector:

  • fresh meat
  • meat in M.A.P
  • ready-to-cook or pre-cooked products,
  • sliced meats
  • cured meats
  • sausages and salami
  • offal
  • soft and fragile cuts of meat

We can develop custom-designed, innovative solutions for the meat industry in order to:

  • extend the product’s shelf-life;
  • keep the meat fresh and the colour unchanged;
  • solve any product’s weight-loss problem;
  • guarantee airtight sesals and aesthetically perfect packs;
  • enable the packing of the product in a tray.

PFM faces the packaging requirements of the different types of meat industry with dedicated flow pack machines, multihead weighers and lines, also with the use of M.A.P., which perfectly matches the needs of the sector:

  • The  PFM “Long Dwell” sealing systems guarantees airtight seals at high packaging speeds
  • Top hygiene: PFM flow wrappers and multihead weighers can be entirely sanitized and do not feature any inaccessible points.
  • The gas injection system guarantees negligible oxygen residue levels.
  • Large printable surface with centered printing and bar code, pleasantly presented packs, including open and re-close packs.
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Meat Flow Wrapping and Weighing

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