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Inspection solutions ensure food safety

Consumers expect safe food

Traceability and quality assurance of food

Food production is a highly sensitive area in which consumers place a lot of trust in the manufacturer. Oflate food fraud has become a global problem that affects all consumers. When health and safety regulations are not respected and food is contaminated, the general welfare is quickly affected.

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Checkweighing and metal detection

High performance 5-track inspection

The combination of checkweigher and metal detector reliably checks the packed cheese on 5 tracks. Wrongly weighted products as well as products contaminated with metal are discharged separately by means of a hinged belt.

 100% final product control

Quality control of sausages with checkweighers

Splendid Foods S.A.U. company was founded in 1946 in a pork’s butchers in Centelles, Barcelona. The introduction of the dynamic checkweighing systems played a key role in process optimization and elevated the quality standard to a new high.

interpack Dusseldorf | 25.02. – 03.03.2021

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Experience the outstanding engineering quality, flexibility and advisory competence. Learn about our world premieres in Checkweighers, X-ray inspection, Track & Trace and Weigh cells.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth in hall 14 booth A56  and hall 15 booth C41 to show you suitable solutions for your industry or specific application.


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