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With over 900 employees, more than 15.000 references, 14 brands, 6 production facilities, and a widespread network of 10 subsidiaries and more than 90 agents, CFT Group is synonymous of quality, innovation and reliability worldwide.

CFT Group designs, engineers and manufactures machineries and complete turnkey lines for the Food, Liquid Food and Beverage industry. Decades of experience and know-how of its leading brands in their respective sectors allow CFT GROUP to offer a complete equipment portfolio based on the most advanced technologies.

One of the last innovative solutions made by CFT Group is Zenith Chrono Concept, the evolution of the first generation of Zenith Chrono de-activation systems which presents a lot of stunning new features compared to its predecessor; among these, a complete hygienic design, an extremely easiness of maintenance, a smart connection with downstream and upstream machines (Giubileo concept cold extractor and refiner), a very high modularity and efficiency of the heat exchange.

Thanks to its short processing time and anaerobic environment, this machine is extremely efficient in enzyme inactivation. It is available in various versions designed, engineered and manufactured to process fruits with and without stones, such as Mediterranean and tropical fruits and red fruits.

Zenith Chrono Concept gives the possibility to simultaneously process different varieties of products (e.g. green and red apples) with different levels of ripeness without losing quality in the final product.


Compact and high hygienic design

Modularity of heat exchangers

Extremely easy maintenance

Very user-friendly management system

Low maintenance costs Quick installation and start-up


No transfer of undesirable color, black specks, molds, pesticides and chemical into the pulp

Extremely fast enzyme de-activation

High viscosity of the final products

Preservation of organoleptic properties of the final product

Elimination of ascorbic acid to avoid oxidation

Short residence time: no transient heat transfer

Sanitation through CIP system

No product dilution

No product burning


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