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CFT Group newsletter//January – February 2020

This year you will surely have a wide choice about where to visit us! We are glad to share with you CFT Group’s first tradeshows of this year! This is a real evidence that commitment to our customers is growing more and more, as well as the range of technologies we are going to show you around the world.

Upakovka – Moscow

Upakovka is the number one trade fair in Russia for packaging and processing equipment and CFT Group’s Russian Team has not missed this usual appointment, ready to unveil its know-how in manufacturing single machines and complete turnkey lines for the food & beverage industry.

Fruit Logistica – Berlin

We took part in Fruit Logistica, Berlin, for the second time, together with our Product Treatment Sales Team and our partner Naddeo Technologies. Fruit Logistica has represented the perfect occasion to showcase CFT Group’s brand-new decoring machine for salads, already introduced on the Italian market during Cibustec 2019 edition: the COMBICORE.

CLFP – Santa Clara and NWFPA – Spokane

CLFP Expo, in Santa Clara, Texas and NWFPA, in Spokane, Washington, have represented the perfect opportunity to showcase our know-how in processing and packaging technologies for the Food, Liquid Food and Beverage sectors and to introduce our brand new CFT Robotics platform on the American market. We have been present with our two partners for the American market. Process Resource for what concerns processing technologies and equipment and PCE for filling and packaging solutions.

BBTech – Rimini

We have participated in BBTech Expo, Rimini, Italy, together with our company COMAC and we have showcased on our booth two Comac’s machines. The K2 and the Smartcan 8.1! BBTech is the International fair dedicated to craft beer producers with a special focus on the Italian craft beer market and our Beverage Sales Team was there to present CFT Group’s wide range of solutions for the filling and packaging for all kind of formats.

DairyTech – Moscow

We have been in Moscow for DairyTech Expo to present our know-how regarding processing and packaging technologies related to Milk and Dairy sector. CFT Group Sales Team was there to introduce the company’s multi-annual experience in manufacturing turnkey lines as well as single equipment specific for the Liquid Food sector, such as sterilizers, evaporators and batch systems.

Francis Ford Coppola

New articles on our Blog! Find out more about how CFT Group is contributing to Francis Ford Coppola’s incredible innovation in the wine industry.


New articles on our Blog! Our partnership with Kagome has deep roots indeed! Do not miss the occasion to read this article where you will be able to learn how CFT Group has played a key role in helping this company to further develop its production efficiency!


With reference to the further restrictions on people mobility made effective on March 8th by the Italian Government in the Northern Italy in order to manage the COVID-19 outbreak, you can find CFT Group’s latest press release.

CFT Group newsletter//January – February 2020

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