SUPERVAC – Newsletter May 2024

Packaging of Delicatessen Buffalo Cheese in South Africa.

Starting situation:

Our customer produces cheese in South Africa with a specialty in buffalo cheese (e.g. mozzarella). The customer doesn’t import milk for their cheese; instead, the company has more than 200 buffaloes grazing directly at their doorstep. Monitoring of supply chains and knowledge of buffalo products from all over the world turn the products into outstanding cheese delicacies in South Africa.


Since cheese is a natural product, the production process cannot ensure a consistently uniform shape. Up to now the cheese had to be trimmed manually, so that no small residues of the cheese skin or moisture gets into the sealing area. This additional step was solely intended to ensure that the bag could be properly vacuum packaged.

Our solution:

A vacuum belt machine type GK169B was selected based on the spatial conditions and the requirements for production quantities. With the new Supervac belt machine, the customer can now completely dispense with the intermediate step (manual trimming of the product) and have the products packaged in a single operation.

The reason for this: Thanks to double biactive high-pressure sealing, the GK169B can seal through small traces of fat and residual moisture. The customer also emphasized that they can now use bags of lesser film-thickness with the Supervac belt machine, saving them money.