GRUNWALD’s customer magazine no. 48 / December 2020

Included in this news letter:

  • Foodliner 3.000 – the allrounder with enormous flexibility for filling various products
  • UVC sterilisation on rotary-type bucket filler GRUNWALD-ROTARY XXL
GRUNWALD FOODLINER 3.000 2-lane inline cup filler
GRUNWALD-ROTARY XXL – fully automatic bucket filling and closing machine in ultra-clean design
UVC sterilisation on rotary-type bucket filler

CAMA Mini Wrap Machine FW 746

As part of the evolution of the Cama Break Trough Generation machines, Cama will introduce its mini wrap FW746 machine: new doors to guarantee better machine visibility and improved cleaning options. The machine frame has been restyled too in order to achieve better dynamic performance.

Main Features
• Carton magazine ergonomics and machine visibility improved
• Independent carton transport frames
• Centerlining
• TPM for format change
• Cleaner design
• Compact machine: footprint 350mm

Auto regulations
• Magazine height stepper IO-Link
• Height of front glue stepper IO-Link
• Height of closing head stepper IO-Link
• Servo regulation of carton transport width and depth


Omag packaging machine on eight lanes for double sachets with check-weighing system.

  • High performances up to 100 bpm;
  • Laser coding system for variable datas (batch number and expiry date);
  • Auger dosing system for powder and not free flowing products;
  • Check-weighing system with independent load cells on each lane and feedback to the dosing system;
  • Reject system for out-of-weight sachets.

Possibility to have the machine with different finishing for food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


A great project in cooperation with a great partner.

We have always focused on performance and flexibility, now we decided to push ourselves towards a new goal: sustainability.

Together with Schneider Electric we traced the sustainability profile of our packaging machines, assessing their impact throughout the life cycle.

The analysis made it possible to become aware of the environmental impact of every single step of the machine’s process and to act with awareness on different fronts with the aim of increasing energy efficiency, reducing the consumption of raw materials by involving the supplier chain in a path based on real goals of sustainability and value creation.