VARIOVAC – Success Story – August 2020

Functionality meets Flexibility

If you need a thermoforming machine, which is extremely flexible on the smallest possible footprint, you can trust on our VARIOVAC Optimus. This was also the decisive argument of a German meat and sausage manufacturer to decide to buy an Optimus. Since its foundation, the company has only produced goods with raw materials from the surrounding area. Characteristic for the company are spicy products that correspond to the traditional taste of the region. One of the specialties is home-made sausage with fresh meat and just a few additives. In its 15 branches, more than 140 types of different and self-made produced meat & sausages getting sold. Most of these products are to be packed on a thermoforming machine. 

The Optimus wins the race

After some consultation and a reference visit to another of our customers, the customer decided on an Optimus 45 with 420 mm film width. Only MAP and vacuum packs with flexible film and without peel corners are produced. The pack sizes 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 2.2, and 3.2 enable a wide range of packs.
Other reasons to buy a VARIOVAC Optimus for this customer were the simple and quick format change, smart usability and good spare parts supply.
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